Book One of the Trilogy

What People are Saying

The Da Vinci Code meets The Hunger Games meets Left Behind. Hugh Hewitt, national radio host and author 

It pulls you in and doesnt let you go. 
Ryan Paige Howard, Realm of Hearts

In the top few books of the year for me. Highly recommend!” 
I Hope You Dance Blog

Impressed. . . . It’s a quick, clean read that leaves you intrigued.
Nadine Brandes, author, A Time to Die

Sharp, smart and compelling.
Darcie J. Gudger, author




About Unbound

He must be released for a little while. 
But the one who sees doesn’t believe. 

Elijah Goldsmith has nightmares he needs to ignore. Why would a rich kid from Manhattan dream three straight nights about a dragon and the destruction of St. Peter’s Basilica? He’s never even been to Rome. 

It’s bad timing, too. He’s graduating soon and applying to be a spy in the International Security Agency. That’s where he meets Naomi. She’s the kind of girl who makes boys like Elijah want to share their secrets. Were they brought together to learn what his secrets mean? There’s more to their sparks than they think. 

This is 2066, the year the world ends.

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Books Two and Three in the Trilogy

The dragon stood before the woman,
so that he might devour her child.

Elijah still has his doubts. As crazy as things have become, he figures there has to be a reasonable explanation. Except about the dragon. And maybe about Don. And definitely about the baby...

He’s either going to find some answers or run away. He doesn’t want to leave Naomi. But even the inseparable will be pulled apart in these times.

This is 2066, and the world is ending.


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From his presence earth and sky fled away.
They stood before the throne, and books were opened.

It stopped making sense months ago. Now he seeks the baby, but Elijah has Naomi. People keep saying the world’s going to end. Elijah is starting to think they’re right. He’s also starting to think they’re wrong about how. 

This is 2066, and the ending will be known.


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